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Tired of Unsightly Fur All Over Your Furniture, Floors or Car?

Reduce shedding by up to 90% in one 15 minute session, or less - GUARANTEED!

The FUR Extractor was designed by groomers and pet care experts who specialize in cat and dog grooming tools.

Here's why The FUR Extractor is the best deshedding tool for your pet...

  •  Dramatically reduces shedding with just one 15-minute session (often less).
  •  Works on all breeds, long or short hair; small or large.
  •  Durable design is safe and easy to use.
  •  Features a 100mm stainless steel comb with safety cover.
  •  Perfect for grooming and removing knots and matting.
  •  Gentle on your pets skin and fur, avoiding irritation, and promotes healthier skin and shinny coat.

High Quality

High quality & easy to use...

Highly Effective

See how effective it is for yourself...



People like you are loving The FUR Extractor...

Worth Every Penny - I had no idea that my cat's fur was in such rough shape until I began to use the FUR Extractor. I have always brushed her because she struggles with hairball issues. For the first few days I was removing baseball size fur balls from her coat. But moreover, my cat Isabelle was in seventh heaven while I was brushing her. There is no tugging or pulling, just a gentle pass through. Now when she sees me with the comb, she comes to me meowing and purring. What better endorsement!!

Kathryn Perkins   

Manchester, UK   

Great Product - We were fostering a pup that shed, but not a lot. I didn't want to spend $40+ for the tools sold at the pet stores so I ended up purchasing a brush that took the loose hair. When I saw this deshedding tool (and the price) I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it. This tool works great. It doesn't annoy our dog (we ended up adopting - another foster failure) and it takes the hair without pulling. She actually sits still for me! Good product/good customer service/prompt and fast delivery.

Sharon Magnin   

Madison, US   

Five Stars - This works so well. My dog sheds a lot and I am allergic. I didn't know how much hair I could get off her until I used this and how much it would stop my allergy. Definitely recommend this product!

Patrick Sanders   

Washington, DC, US   

Great Product! - My cats both love being brushed with the deshedding tool and I love less cat hair in my house. Easy to use, safe, and it works gently. Lighting fast shipping from this seller as well!

Sam Roebuck   

Denver, US   

Better Than A Furminator - This deshedding brush is by far the best built and most effective tool I have tried in 12 years. (We've had two German Shepherds and now a Golden Retriever.) Highly recommended!

Barbara Charles   

San Diego, US   

Excellent Deshedding Tool! - I used the deshedding tool on our Labrador, and works very well. Very easy to use as even my 3 year old son can use it too. Our dog has a major problem with shedding hair as he has overactive skin and allergies that causes his hair to grow quicker and fall out quicker than normal dogs. With this tool I am seeing some positive results already.

Janet Porter   

Bristol, UK   


The FUR Extractor Comes Highly Recommended!





5 Good Reasons...

Here's just five reasons to use The FUR Extractor today!

1. Stop Shedding

Tired of unsightly and unclean, fur all over your furniture, floors or car. Reduce shedding by up to 90% in one short 15 minute session, or less!

2. Save Money

Designed by a groomer for professional results at home so you save money on visits to the groomer or vet.

3. Use On Any Pet

Works on small, medium and large dogs & cats with short, medium or long hair - even works with double coats!

4. Better Health

The special blade is gentle on your pet and help promote healthier skin and a shinny coat. The Ergonomic handle makes using sessions a breeze.


If the FUR Extractor doesn't do exactly what we say it will or, you are not delighted with it, we will refund every cent of your money, no quibble, no questions asked.
You'll even get to keep the free eBooks!